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Health Rider Fitness Bike


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Cover some distance without leaving your home with the Health Rider Fitness Bike Targets abs, palms, legs, lower back and upper body – allowing you to tone and build muscle Activating groups of muscles together requires more strength, so you’ll burn more calories Develop strength, speed and leanness Works as a fitness rower machine as well as a cardio-trainer Features an LCD monitor which tracks your time, count, calorie and total count Self-leveling pedals make it super easy to get your feet on and off The handlebars provide stability and safety while squatting down Padded and slip free handlebars to provide extra safety and ease of use Easily foldable compact design to conveniently store in small spaces Dimensions: 109cm x 19cm x 22cm I’m riding solo, I’m riding solo… Get this Health Rider Fitness Bike for 59.99 pounds


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