Sodastream Pepsi Max Cherry, black -
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Sodastream Pepsi Max Cherry, black


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Enjoy a low-calorie and sugar-free version of classic Pepsi with this no sugar Sodastream Pepsi Max Cherry with Max taste.SodaStream Pepsi Flavour allows you to make that classic Pepsi drink that is loved around the world in your very own home.Each 440ml bottle makes up to 9 litres of Pepsi MAX Cherry so you have plenty available to drink, taking up minimal storage space.It couldn’t be simpler, just fizz up cold tap water in your Sodastream, add Pepsi Max mix up to the inner middle line of the Pepsi Max bottle’s lid, add to your fizzy water, put the lid back on your Sodastream bottle, give it a shake to mix, then enjoy!. Pepsi Max Cherry . For SodaStream systems. 440ml makes about 9 litres. Low calorie and sugar free. Saves on single use plastic bottles


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