Carnilove Puppy Food - 12KG - Salmon & Turkey - Large Breed Puppies -
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Carnilove Puppy Food – 12KG – Salmon & Turkey – Large Breed Puppies

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.table1 { width: 100%; } .banner { max-width: 970px; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 50%; } Carnilove Salmon & Turkey For Puppies/Large Breed Puppies – 12KG High-quality nutrition rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals is critical for healthy growth in puppies. Carnilove Puppy has been formulated to closely resemble the original natural food of dogs and their genetic ancestor, the wolf, whose diet primarily comprises muscle, offal, and bone obtained from prey balanced with the correct proportion of wild berries, vegetables, and herbs. All of these components are critical for the development of strong bones, joints, and muscles. Salmon meat and oil provide the omega fatty acids required for a healthy coat and skin as well as the proper development of the nervous system. Puppies- For puppies of all breeds (1-12 months) Large Breed Puppies – For puppies of large breeds (≥ 25 KG, 3 – 30 months) Salmon is an excellent source of highly digestible proteins as well as omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which have a positive impact on mental development, the cardiovascular system, and metabolism (they reduce blood sugar levels). It also positively affects the quality and appearance of hair and skin. Turkey is rich in digestible proteins and has high levels of trace elements, such as zinc, and also contains vitamins B3 and B6, which are critical for proper brain function, good muscle tone, and healthy growth. Grain-free and potato-free.


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